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Ps Plus September 2020


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3 minutes ago, Sikutai said:

I've waited the whole day for this?! I own PUBG already. Is the 1000 Kills Trophy fixed now? And Street Fighter? I'm not 12 anymore, you know. Worst PS-Month this year. Edit: Street FIghter V was released in February 2016 and PUBG was released on PC when my Grandpa was young. Why no Japan-RPG or some good Indies with Story?


Trophy fix tomorrow for PUBG ?

I hope i will be able to unlock my 8 glitched trophy.

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6 minutes ago, kidson2004 said:

Damn that’s crazy. Not sure how I feel about this. Will it be the base SF5? Or the championship edition? 

Looks to be regular edition. Which probably isn't worth lol. But i shouldn't complain since i wanted a fighting game for years on ps+

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