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Kid steals car, vandalizes more cars, and then blames his crimes on GTA.

Lady Lilith

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Normally, it takes a third party to blame a crime on a video game. A sensationalist tablid, or a stuffy politician. Not in Zachary Burgess' case, though, the 20 year-old only too happy to blame his own actions on Grand Theft Auto.1P

Police report that early on Saturday morning, Burgess jumped into a car in a parking space and drove off, despite the fact a female passenger was still inside the vehicle.P

He smashed into "several other cars" before the lady escaped. Police also say that Burgess was caught when witnesses got hold of him and held him down until the cops arrived on the scene.P

Local media say Burgess told authorities he "wanted to see what it would be like" to play Grand Theft Auto "in real life".P

Hint: it also ends in prison when you're caught, though sadly your sentence now plays out in real-time.



So...yay, not only do we have all these nutjobs blaming video games for all these crimes, but now the perps themselves willingly say it's video games? 



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