Around the World in 5 Jumps (Easy Way)

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For those people struggling to get the trophy (ok, it's not Flapmaster), here is what you will do:


You will follow the trophy guide and start jumping on the first platform on the construction site in GoatVille (actually this can be done in GoatCity as well), don't forget to press :circle: to toggle ragdoll during your first jump from the air-vents to get extra height. Now move the camera with the right analog stick to align your goat with the first trampoline when on air, and when you are on top of it press :down: to bring up the mutators menu. You will notice that your goat will halt in the air. Then press :circle: to exit and the goat will easily fall vertical onto the trampoline underneath. Do the same for the other four and you will get the trophy in no time.

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