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The Pacifist trophy, borderline impossible?


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Ok, I've tried this 50+ times and honestly being close to get the win 3 times. That makes the probability really, really low. I understand this is a "lucky based" trophy, as at the moment people are getting super sweet (or "try hard" as I understand), and even if you manage to get until last round with 8 people there's still one or two guys will 20 kills already and their blood thirst makes this unbearable. However, seeing people on Xbox getting it along the past few days makes me realize that it isn't, even though here the numbers dropped pretty quick. Any advice to this? I truly believe isn't impossible as people got it already. But seems depends a lot on the lobby you're in too, as many people don't care about it. 


With the upcoming update, many speculate that this would be worse and other says the balance in the game will be way better to make it doable. But honestly, what could I expect? Should I rush it before September 1st or play it at my rhythm? Is a fun game, but this trophy is at the moment the hardest I've faced ever. 

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13 hours ago, DnS_No_scope said:

u should go for it now cause its going to be A LOT harder

Crown time is going to be 60 seconds instead of 45 and hacks with the crown are going to take x3 longer

I can't get it, has taken me a lot of time and no results! 


Edit: After almost 100+ tries, this little pimp deigned to appear! I heard your head up for sure, thanks!

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2 hours ago, MikeCheck-- said:

The "Kill Two Crown bearers" one is impossible for me lol

Remember: we have our group to make solid progress (sorry if we bother you LOL), don't desist; this one requires more team work rather than luck, so we'll make it! :) 

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7 hours ago, MikeCheck-- said:

I got this one first try but two crown bearers is impossible for me lol 


It happened the opposite for me. The crown bearer now is easier rather the other, since they updated the time for winning from that. Also, i haven't touched the game since so I don't know if the Season 2 is better or improved new players, since the game was pretty dead by the month of its release. 

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