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On 20/09/2020 at 6:55 AM, grimydawg___ said:

Use the current Pistons playbook.  That's the new Quick STS for folks who can't "get good." I'm waiting for the PS5 version to come out.

I'm currently on the final games of Historic and thought I'd try it out. It works to a degree. Right now there are generally mediocre cards for people to use... some good ones, but not what we'd be using in 6 months. The CPU is on Superstar difficulty and has a stacked line up of Galaxy Opals. Even their bench has a load of GOs. That means they're generally faster than you and quite often stick to your ass. I'd say it's a helpful play, but don't rely on it on the later games.


They've really ramped up how tough Domination is this year. I've dominated Domination three times before but this year is by far the toughest. I remember the final matches in Historic last year didn't even have a GO-filled team. It had them but not every single player. It seems they're really catering MyTEAM to the hardcore players, or just intentionally making it hard because.. ya know...


Probably not as hard as the Schedule stuff from 2K18, though. Those can stay roasting in Hell.


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13 hours ago, conano1990 said:

Hey how do u i get bling bling trophy? 

Play Limited when it's available at the weekend and win games. Getting a ring is luck-based so you may spend some time getting it or you may get it pretty quickly. It took me about 23 wins before a ring even showed up and it took @djb5f about 13.


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