An Honest Mistake

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We had a bit of trouble understanding exactly how to unlock this trophy. It might be obvious to everyone, but I wanted to leave a message here in case future people are stumped like we were. 


To do this trophy you and your boosting partner need to be in the same clan, then you need a 3rd person not in the clan. You create a battlegrounds league game lobby and get your clan mate in there. Have the 3rd non-clan person search for games. Barely anyone playing this at time of writing so it should be easy to find your 3rd guy. 


From here it is simple, group up your worms in clumps of 2 and have your partner kill one of yours while you kill one of theirs. The 3rd person just uses the skip rope to pass their turn. 


That's all, hopefully this helps some people in the future. 


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