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I've tried legit and I've tried SharePlay. I want to try scripts but I have ZERO knowledge when it comes to how to use scripts. Not to mention I can't find any scripts that work on a MacBook. Any advice on scripts? 


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I believe there shouldn't be much of a difference in terms of Mac vs. Windows scripts, since both would use similar keys for the x button mapping. But the AutoHotKey program isn't available on mac. On a quick google search, no one with a mac seems to have coded an equivalent script that works on a different program. IMO the only things you can do are borrow a windows PC from a friend or learn the basics of coding and do it yourself. These scripts aren't very complicated (only a few hundred lines and could be further simplified) and could be converted to work on an AHK-equivalent in less than a day if you figure out how to code in the new program.


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