(Spoilers) Medal of compassion in NG+

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I completed the requirements for the medal of compassion on my first play through (40 quests completed-talking to Beatrix)    I carried over everything I could for my NG+ Nightmare playthrough, rushing through EVERYTHING I possibly could just to expedite the time to complete.    I got to ch. 3 and collected the other medals from their places I was supposed to get them, BUT I didn't get this one from her.  Am I missing something or do I have to get 40 more quests done.
From my understanding I have to get this and the other 2 medals I've gotten already per play through to get a master quartz from the principal at the end of the game.   I am afraid I won't get the medal from her and subsequently won't get the choice of master quartz from the principal. Which will mean I will have to play the game on NG++.    

EDIT: I figured it out. Everyone who is going for this trophy NEEDS to still get the 40 quests completed on their next play through.  I luckily still have enough left to do it as long as I do them all.  

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