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trophy auto pop warning when joining mp


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if you join someones multiplayer game, some of their trophies will pop on your list. this is a warning to people who want to earn the trophies themselves. or you can use it to your advantage either way. but it may ruin the fun for some people. so dont join someone elses game if you dont want trophies to pop. so far these are the ones i can confirm, i logged in with a second account to get the 1 co op trophy and the below popped. im sure there may be more but im not done with the entire game yet. i'll update after i platinum to see what else auto pops on my alt

tunnel rat
i just called to say i love you

mission not alone
were fully booked
unorthodox skiing
secrets locked away
protector of the resistence
outside in the distance

you can also unlock the scavenger trophy by someone simply dropping items to you in mp and then you giving them back after 

you can also unlock the splash trophy if someone drops you a grenade launcher, usually around a church front entrance is a good chokepoint of enemies

im not sure why the other main missions didnt pop it may be a one time deal where they only pop to the point the host is at and then it doesnt work after that. i completed the rest of the missions and tried again and only the dlc missions popped. 

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