Perfect Parry Mode - Is it Difficult?

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I'm interested in this game :) 


It seemed casual and moderate difficulty at first look.


But only ONE user got platinum.


Is there any gliched trophy or difficulty issue?

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Hardest trophy indeed is PP mode, but it depend on how you play the PP EU version already few person plat the game.


Pp mode is where you totally rely on parrying, cause you take 1 hit and it is game over.


Just a tip for those who wan plat the game.

Two way to finish the pp mode:

1.The Pro way is play it legit like Greengeek the first guy who plat the game, he also make few video on how to beat each bosses.


2.The coward way which I'm using is taking advantage of Zuke recovery skill, you can survive all battle using this trick as long as you have energy and do not mind the rating. For me the hardest boss is the Dj and easiest will be 1010 and tatiana fight. (Not sure if they will patch this out in future or not)


So far the bug ppl complaint most is PP mode not unlocking even meeting all requirement. Second is DK west battle is difficult, but on some forum some ppl mentioned there is another trick to win the fight easily which I never try.


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