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On 9/7/2020 at 11:17 AM, DeNada91 said:

Can anyone please explain me detailedly how to get the Tank Zapper trophy? I tried this glitch many times and in many ways and I didn't manage to get the trophy

I see this thread is 2 years old I just got 100 percented this game its been on my backlog for little over 2 years , this was my 3rd attempt at this glitchy game 1st time I just gave up because I was unaware of glitchy trophys,  a year later I tried the whole not shutting app down still not one single kill trophy with over 12000 kills , this time not only did I leave app open , I didn't minimize it, so after I died I would keep it on home screen of game and I kept my wifi on , I just hit power button so it would go in rest mode I noticed the tropies popped 4me , I'd say if one trophy kill pops the rest will


It only took me 5/6 days to get all the kill trophys if u look at the time stamps , those were only tropies I was missing 

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