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Do your stats (collectibles, kills...) pass over to NG+?


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Love the game and want to complete 100%. The thing is that, as well as the other two Metro games and S.T.A.L.K.E.R., I love the atmosphere and immersion (playing on ranger hardcore), so going after collectibles that are out of the way while I'm completely immersed in looking at what that other building has to offer, or having to double check everything to make sure I didn't miss a postcard, it really breaks the immersion for me. So I'm currently playing the game, just playing and surviving, getting immersed and having fun while picking every collectible I can SEE and find. I love readable collectibles in every game, so when I get a diary page or note I already get pumped just to read it, but I digress. What I want to know is as the title says: Can I start a NG+ after finishing it and go only after what I missed for trophies requirements?

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