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3 different platinums?

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They are all separate games, thus you will get 3 separate Plats for finishing all of them. Ultimate received an patch that technically rebranded it as Last Round but it's still the same game underneath with its own Plat and is separate to the actual Last Round.

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48 minutes ago, Felix_ElMaestri said:

I saw that there is "Dead Or Alive 5", "Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate" and "Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round", do they have each one it's own platinum? 


Also, isn't Last Round just an update from Ultimate or is a separate game?


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Sorry for bumping old thread, I just platted DOA5 Ultimate but I cant find save data transfer option. How do I transfer my save from DOA5U (PS3) to DOALR (PS3)? 

Some ppl mention there is a cloud backup option, but I cant find it on the main menu.



Tested myself, the save data from DOA5U automatically detected and loaded when loading DOA5LR. No need to do anything from DOA5U (PS3) to DOALR (PS3),

just boot the game, it uses the same save.

For the trophies, nothing pops at first, just need to redo every trophy 1 time and it will autopop, online match 1 round will auto pop 100 rounds as well. 

Arcade, Time attack and survival only need to do solo, when complete solo the tag trophy for each mode will pop as well..

Training etc also need to do only once to pop the trophies.


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Update after testing
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