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Capture the rather without taking damage from it

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The level named Loading Area - the one after climbing the waterfall with the spiders - grants a gold brick for capturing the rather without taking damage from it. -

Is there a specific trick to not take damage? I tried running away, jumping, but I keep taking damage when it bashes the ground with its tentacles... :l

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The only gold bricks that the levels give you are for True Jedi, Red Brick and collecting all Minikits. As far as I remember I don't think that level gives you a minikit for that specific Rathtar either. I didn't have any trouble with them because they are cutscene things where you spam buttons to get free so I never took damage from them anyway. 


I'd suggest grabbing the collectible detector and see if it points to a minikit for that Rathtar. I don't think it does but I don't remember 100%.

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