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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition announced

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Really good news ??


Probably not a good idea to wait for a long time to buy, no word on for how long they have the necessary licenses, and at least the people who did the music are not license friendly. Scott Pilgrim author is to be congratulated he always championed for the game to return to sale.

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4 hours ago, Undead Wolf said:

Does this have online co-op? Never played it before but I've heard good things.

If it is anything like the PS3 one, then yes. I played the game online with my friend. 

Honestly, the only trophy I wish to avoid is calling all strikers. Unlocking Nega Scott was a pain in the ass, had to clear Arcade with everyone just to unlock him. I’m really hoping the cheat codes still work.

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