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What are peoples thoughts on Copy-Prohibited Saves


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From one aspect I presume they do this to stop people hacking the trophies but don't hackers bypass the protection anyway or is it a clever way for Sony to entice people to pay for PS+ subscription to back up those precious saves. What are other peoples perspective on this and do you agree or disagree with the concept, for me I don't think it's fair to punish the majority of players who play their games as intended. 

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It was the most pointless implementation they could have thought of and I don't see why they truly thought it was a good idea. It didn't prevent people from cheating when people with a CFW console removed the copy protection. It wasn't a clever trick by Sony to entice people into buying PS+ because copy protected saves existed before PS+ existed. It would have screwed a bunch of people over if their console went to shit and they were unable to back their save file up. I find it kind of stupid how copy protected saves also have a 24 hour cool down for backing them up onto PS+ or copying them back to a console.

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