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EA Terms and Conditions Not Loading


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I had the same issue. Loading the online terms in another EA game fixed the issue for me. I did it in Crysis 3. After that, when I booted Fifa Street it worked and I could play online. 

Other question: how can you self boost the cup trophies? I have two ps3’s, but you need other accounts in the same cup round, right?

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Hey Sten !


Thanks, I will try and see if it works with Fifa 15.


For the boosting method, I'm planning to follow this strategy:


1 - A2 vs B4

2 - B2 vs A4

3 - B2 vs A2

4 - B3 vs A2

5 - A1 vs B4

6 - A1 vs B3

7 - A1 vs B2

8 - B2 vs A4

9 - A2 vs B4

10 - A2 vs B2

11 - A3 vs B2

12 - B1 vs A4

13 - B1 vs A3

14 - B1 vs A2

15 - A1 vs B1


The team listed on the left side always wins. For example in the first match, A2 wins. Second match B2. And so on.


A1 is your main account.

A2, A3, A4, secondary accounts from the same ps3.

B1, B2, B3, B4, secondary accounts from your second ps3.


This means 7 additional accounts.

For each of these accounts you need to play the first match of world tour and create your team.


Dont take this for granted yet, as I havent been able to test it out because of this issue.

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Well it didn't work using Fifa 15, that's likely because I already used these accounts to boost fifa 16. Therefore I already had accepted the terms and conditions.


But it did work with SSX. I can connect to the servers with all my secondary accounts.


For my main account however I'm not sure it this is going to work.


Even though I played this game just months ago on my main account, Fifa Street still stries to load terms and conditions... And I already played SSX on it.


Ah, EA and their cursed trophies...

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just make sure you have enough time... you need to win 9 tournament and if i remember correctly they circulate every week... would be a shame to do al but 1  tournament.

glad i got rid of these trophies a ling time ago... now i need to go back for single player

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I can connect now with my main account too. 


I didn't I would have to wait until the weekend for the cups but at least all accounts are prepared.


Knowing EA they might close the servers before the date announced, but I will take a chance. ?


I won't have the platinum because of the trophies mentioned by Sten, but again with EA, you get used to it.

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All was going well, I won 5 cups, until this weekend. EA servers are down since friday evening... No communication from EA, obviously. Their trophies really are cursed and this company the worst. Hopefully the servers will work again before the end of the weekend but I highly doubt it.

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Well it's annoying but you should be able to play that cup again if it was one of the first 6 cups.


For me it's over. It would be a miracle if servers started working again in the next couple hours.


75 matches for nothing... EA is (one of) the worst company, tied up with Activision.


Edit: Well, I'm stupid. It wasn't working for the same reason as before, EA conditions have changed over the last week, most likely for the release of fifa 21... I loaded SSX on all my accounts and I could connect to the EA servers afterwards. So yeah, 6th cup won, 3 to go. There was actually a server issue this weekend, since I'm cleaning trophies on Fifa 18 and I was getting error messages every time I tried to load online modes. But maybe it wasn't the case at all for Fifa Street. Anyways, good luck to you too.

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10 minutes ago, blkburn123 said:


i used need for speed most wanted to load and accept the EA terms and Conditions

Thanks for your answer 


I don't have Need For Speed Wanted, is there an other way to solve the problem ? With an other EA game ?


My question is certainly stupid but could it work with an EA'ps4 game ? (Need For Speed is on the ps4 psplus last month) 

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