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Gold Medal for Passing Tutorial


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Hmmm. Interesting... As I didn't remember having any trouble at all with this challenge, I just went back to tutorials to see what might be the problem. And for like 10 to 15 minutes, I wasn't able to beat silver, missing gold by a 10th of a second. I seem to remember it being more about timing than spamming :l1: (big surprise! :)), and also I’m not sure I went all the way left when I got it, and went back inside at one point. But like I said, it took me a few seconds almost a month ago, so I can’t say I remember much about it!


I know that the last patch was supposed to fix forward passes, I hope it didn’t mess with the passing mechanics. The only one to get the trophy post patch release was @torchwood96, but maybe she had finished the passing tutorial before updating and getting the missing gold for the trophy, or didn’t update at all (patch was live for only 2 days or such at the time).


Also, with only 17 registered game owners and 9 trophy achievers on PSNP, it’s pretty tough to draw conclusions or get help... Maybe ask around on wickedsports.com.au?


Good luck!

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Update: Golden Child confirmed glitched because of v1.03.


Someone PMed me yesterday about this trophy, because getting gold in the passing tutorial was impossible, and I wrote him the same thing that I wrote before about my linking it to last update.


Gave him the link to the how-to for an unpatched version* and he got it first try!





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