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Problem with co-op, trophies won't pop

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Hello! I have a small annoyance with the game... I've tried the first few chapters in local co-op. My boyfriend was logged in with the main controller, I've paired the other one with mine. When it showed our name tags both of them read mine, but the trophies only popped for him. The game itself is fun, I didn't mind playing it in solo with my profile from the start, but so far I haven't been able to earn any trophies. It seems on some level it registered both of us earning them but it doesn't show for me..... Does anyone knows a way around this?

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Just finished this game with a friend in Co-op. Almost all trophies are shared and did pop for both of us for the "Complete XXX" and the "Collect all experience in XXX" trophies.

Only the collectible trophies ( Letters Treasures Knicknacks ) were not shared and only the host was getting these.

But upon finishing the game also the 2nd player did had the progress on his side, So he only had to load the specific checkpoints of each level to get those collectibles with me.

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