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Rune Cliffberg - The long rail challenge?

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Hi everyone!


I'm on my way to complete all skaters challenges. I'm up to Rune Cliffberg.

One of his challenges says "in the school level, go a 20000 points combo with the gap "The long rail", without grinding or using special tricks".


I play in french, so this is a translation, the exact wording might not be the same ^^.

My problem is that there's no "the long rail" gap in that level, and every gaps that sounds the same involves using a grind (long ass rail, gigantic rail, ridiculouse rail, ...)


So i was wondering if maybe the french translation of this challenges is wrong? First, because i don't find that gap in that level, second because... How can i complete a RAIL gap without grinding? (ho, of course, i tried sliding, but the game always uses "grind" for both so i did it without really thinking it would work.


Thanks for your help!

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