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Breakdown of mission difficulties by classes (SOLO OFFLINE)


This is a list of my personal opinion of the difficulty of each mission in Inferno that I think it's relevant. If it's not on the list, it's a trivial mission to solve, probably with all 3. The following is assumed:
- you have less than 2000 armor for each class (Air Raider, Ranger, Wing Diver) as you really don't need more at least to solve ALL missions with one of the classes, but can be different ones along the way (if you play this like CoD or Battlefiled style 25k to 50k won't probably be enough to save you on some missions)
- you have access to all their weapons, or at least the ones that usually are used to solve missions, and know which ones should be best to solve each mission for each class
- you know what you're doing, have knowledge of the map and waves of enemies for each mission, that you know when to use the NPCs as bait or help

- you're playing solo or co-op solo (same person using both classes)


I absolutely suck with fencer so can't provide any hindsight or help with him. I do think he's the worst class anyway (again my opinion).
For the Air Raider I only use tanks or mechs (no helis or Balams).


All cave missions are dark, so you'll have a rougher time in many if you've not played 2025 which had similar missions on the same maps but no darkness.


Playing the game split screen can almost half the time to finish. AR and Ranger are the best match as only the ranger can use AR's vehicles. But remember that only these 2 can regenerate NPC's health.

Even so on several missions I would strongly advise playing all classes using just one and split screen the other 3 with the same easier class. Some missions like Scorching, Massive Mobilization, Monster Camp, Monster Party, Steel Beast, among others will be easy to finish with just one class and hell to do with others. Yes it will be fantastic when you finish them with the harder classes, but do expect to do them in 1, 2 or more hours after a lot of retries.

The list is given in reverse order as it was easier to me.


I'll add a few videos to this playlist of some of the easier strategies for some levels:





Unfortunately playlist link posts just the video here but if you press "Watch on Youtube" just above will show the whole playlist.


89 - Star Eaters
Ranger - medium (45 to 90 minutes long); WD, AR - medium with tricks (10 minutes or so)
88 - Scorching
AR - easy; WD - hard; Ranger - very Hard
87 - Massive Mobilization
AR - hard; Ranger - very Hard; WD - very, very hard
86 - Battle to Death
AR - easy; Ranger, WD - hard
85 - The Threat
AR, WD - medium; Ranger very hard
84 - Divine
Ranger, WD - medium; AR - hard
very luck based mission, depends on the first giant dragon's behavior
83 - Encircling
AR, Ranger - medium; WD - hard
82 - Heaven's Army
AR, WD - easy; Ranger - hard
81 - Fallen Flagship
AR - medium; Ranger - hard; WD - harder
80 - Monster Camp
AR - medium; WD - very hard; Ranger - very, very hard

Don't believe most you read about this mission. It will be absolute hell the vast majority of the times you'll try it. Once all the NPC's are wiped out, your ass is worthless and you'll be too in a snap unless there's extremely few enemies alive and they're not all red dragons. No 20k armor or more will probably save you anyway, unless you're extremely good at the game (and yes I mean REALLY extremely good)
79 - City Flaws
AR - medium; Ranger - hard; WD - very hard
78 - Labyrinth of Light
WD - easy; AR- medium; Ranger - hard
77 - Monster Party
AR - easy; Ranger, WD - very, very hard (very long mission for these classes)
76 - Machine Squad
AR - easy; Ranger - medium; WD - hardish
75 - Death Queen
WD - easy; Ranger - medium
74 - Den of Thieves
WD - easy
73 - Tower Siege
WD, Ranger, AR - medium

WD can use here a very special and weird weapon with a surprising good result, the Heaven's Gate D10
72 - Spearhead
WD - medium; Ranger - hard
71 - Giant Ship
AR - easy; WD - medium
70 - Teeth of the Universe
WD - easy; AR - hard
69 - Towering Beast
AR - easy; Ranger, WD - medium
68 - Sniper Attack
AR, Ranger - medium

both tall buildings are indestructible, which wasn't the case in 2025. Yep, you can land a Railgun on top of the building 😋
67 - Battle of Giants
AR, Ranger, WD - medium

impressive but very luck based depends a lot on the NPC Balam's performance. Small stuff (ants and bees) crush balams, your attacks damage them too)
66 - Mountain Liberation
AR, WD - hard; Ranger - very hard
65 - Fortress Attack
WD, Ranger - easy

for ranger the giant mech's path, which is random, will make this mission easy or a PITA

63 - Breaking Through
WD, Ranger - easy
62 - Mountains Ablaze
AR - medium
61 - City of Horror
AR - medium; Ranger - hard

AR can only summon 1 vehicle at start, after this zilch
59 - The Fleet Below
WD - easy; Ranger - hard
58 - Crazy Skies
AR - easy; Ranger - Medium
57 - Bug King
AR,WD - medium; Ranger - hard
55 - Bug Invasion
WD - easy; AR - medium
54 - Air Mobilization
AR, Ranger - medium
51 - Pincer
WD - easy
50 - Fortress Frenzy
AR - medium
45 - Steel Beast
AR - easy; Ranger - medium
43 - Annihilation
AR - medium
42 - Waterside Bugs
WD, Ranger - hard

you need to know the timings for this one or it's hell -> death -> retry
40 - Crossing
AR - easy; Ranger - medium
38 - High Density
AR - easy; WD - hard
36 - Inferno
AR - medium; Ranger, WD - very hard
35 - Convergence
AR - medium; Ranger - hard
34 - Infiltration
WD - easy; Ranger, AR - medium
33 - Thunder
AR - medium
31 - Charge Phase 2
WD - easy; Ranger - hard; AR - very hard

the "safe" tunnel with no exit is from start right, left, right (or left, right, left but much more dangerous), but only works reliably for WD. If they all come together you're in serious trouble.
30 - Charge Phase 1
WD - medium

beware last wave in large cave. Piss ants, hopefully a few, then fall back to where spiders were previously killed. 
29 - Brute Force
AR - medium; WD - hard
22 - A Trap
WD - easy; Ranger - hard

safe place for WD: fly up left, enter leftmost tunnel, then left and go to end (dual Idunn or Thunder Bow a good idea...)
20 - Shining Stronghold
WD - easy


Take levels of difficulty with a grain of salt between different missions. Massive Mobilization is by far the most difficult and with the most chances of going berserk with any class, but there's a lot worse for other classes (although the difficulty lowers a lot if you split screen with a decent class, specially Ranger or even WD). There's lots of missions I can't solve with one class or another, as they're too damn hard, time consuming or unreliable (or most likely all at the same time).

Inferno is always inferno you can lose easily in any mission, just need to make some mistake, more or less stupid.


As a side note, Massive Mobilization is the classic mission you can use to know if the other players know anything of the game or not when you play online. If they start shooting everything randomly without a plan, forget it and just play for fun, as unless one of the players has a gazillion armor and is experienced (and he'll do the whole mission alone with everyone else dead after the 1st minute or less) you'll absolutely never make it. Also if they use explosives on missions it's usually a sign they don't know how to play as in most cases explosives will not kill enemies (due to their increased armor), only spread them and create a bigger mess, that if you're lucky and they don't kill you a ton of times. 


If there's any mission you're having trouble drop me a note here and I'll help.


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Dude, second try we got through 86 on Hardest with your strategy, thank you so much!! Will be in touch soon when needed.


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Share on other sites level 87, new wall.


What do I do with the Ranger (11k health) and Wing Diver (1700 health) coop? We used the WD's Monster S to help with transports, but still I got overrun in the end, need to know a good strategy to get through this. Thanks in advance,

Difficulty is Hardest


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On 2/25/2021 at 5:20 PM, PalaceOfLove706 said: level 87, new wall.


What do I do with the Ranger (11k health) and Wing Diver (1700 health) coop? We used the WD's Monster S to help with transports, but still I got overrun in the end, need to know a good strategy to get through this. Thanks in advance,

Difficulty is Hardest


Don't wanna sound bad, but that was expected 🙂.


87, Massive Mobilization is the hardest mission in the whole game (see on list...).


The only one that can make it easier alone is AR. Strategy applies to all, there will just be slight differences for coop ranger with WD. I'll give the info for inferno, it will be equal but easier in hardest.


This mission has:

- walking fortress

- 5 large transports (starting from right to left in first line purple ants (red in hardest), spiders and gold ants (this transport is moving, only one), further back right gold ants and even further back center silver spiders (normal ones on hardest)

- 3 deroys, 2 medium 1 small (least of your problems)

- 4 hectors (only problematic when they come with yellow ants)

- a ton of flying vehicles


You can't use ANY guided weapons, explosives, missiles, Thunder Bows. Any weapon that has spread or long range that isn't a perfect sniper it's out of question.

The mission can only be solved if you deal with everything separately. If you mess with several transports or the walking fortress too soon, you're dead. Your biggest problem will be the yellow ants.


Weapons AR Solo:

- Epsilon Blast Railgun E (be careful the railgun is a piercing weapon it will go beyond the enemy until its range stops)

- dual ZEXR (or ZEXR + Electromagnetic Bunker GH / Absolute Bunker or Life Vendor ZD or Guard Post M3 if cooping solo in split screen with another class)


Weapons Ranger Solo:

- Lysander Z; actually the Hercules (a often neglected weapon) is probably better as it has 2500 damage, will kill FVs and spider in 1 shot, yellows in 2 and has better range and overall more TTFP (damage including shots, magazine size and reload) 

- AF-100 or Stringer J9 if you can kill all yellows with Lysander (be careful the J9 is a piercing weapon it will go beyond the enemy until its range stops)


Weapons WD Solo

- Monster-S

- Idunn-FF or Laser Lance sigma


Best strategy:


- at start have the AR or Ranger capture all NPCs

- snipe as many flying vehicles as possible. Not possible with AR solo of course. Best way is to look sideways, as most flying vehicles will make paths away from the main area and you can snipe them without creating a mess. In EDF if you hit a enemy, all other enemies within a certain range from that one will go to attack mode. So sniping flying vehicles in the middle of the map or close to big enemies will wake them. It's a PITA and will take a lot of time but will reduce your issues later a lot. Aim to wipe around 70% or more of them. Don't snipe FVs near the walking fortress...

- start with the right transport when you can. Transports should start to be hit right after they open so that they can preferably be brought down before they close. If they don't they'll spawn another wave of enemies until they're destroyed. Purple ants have a ton of armor, but they're easy to deal as they don't shoot anything. Staying along the map edge move back, dealing with them. A deroy will come too, kill it before the ants, NPCs will help with them.

- deal with the center transport that has normal spiders. It's probable good idea to deal with the shielded hectors before dealing with the transport.

- now the difficult parts. There's 2 transports with yellow ants. Near the right of the map towards the corner where the purple ants were, there's a open area of terrain reaching all the way to the left of the map. You should take advantage of this area to help killing the yellow ants. Bring down the yellow ants transport that is moving, the one on the left from your start position, when he's closer to you (these are important to bring down in one opening, or you'll have multiple waves of yellow ants to deal with). Try to kill as many yellow ants as possible as they come. A yellow ant can kill your NPCs or you in one attack (not with 10k armor though...) IMPORTANT EDIT I just remembered it's doubtful either the ranger or WD solo will be able to bring down transports in one opening (3xJ9 or 3xMonster-S is 54000 damage, transports in inferno have slightly more than that, so you're looking at 4 waves of yellows; I did it with ranger I never finished with WD as sniping FVs with Monster-S is a bore, and I do remember that even with ranger it was difficult as hell to do this mission, and I died a few times; NPCs can't handle inferno yellows, and they will wipeout your NPCs in a snap, and once all your NPCs are gone, you're next)

- to handle the next yellow ants transport go to the other side of the map. Rinse and repeat (in summary you want to be as far as possible from it so you have more time to kill gold ants from a distance and far from everything else)

- a new group of NPCs will spawn once less than 40 enemies are in the map to the right of starting point; pick them there's a ranger with a awesome laser gun that will come in handy (and they will jump into the wrong place if you don't)

- now from the corner sides of the start lane handle deroys and hectors that are far from the fortress

- the last deroy is right by the fortress, when you attack it the fortress will wake

- fortress will walk to the left of your starting position, so be at the right of the map before attacking last deroy

- snipe from distance: the back cannon in the middle of the fortress, then the 4 lasers in the head, 2 on each side, plus the one on his ass (had forgotten this one, not present in EDF 2017 fortress) your NPCs will surely handle the FVs that the fortress spawns

- when this is done snipe the fortress door when it's open, fortress won't be able to piss you without the cannon and lasers (but will wipe your NPCs and you if it has them)

- kill last transport, even in inferno it's not difficult but remember silver spiders need a ton of shots to die

- pick crates, kill last few FVs


Using AR with 2xZEXR is easier since if you use them right they can wipe out all golds and silver spiders. But it's still risky and a single gold ant can wipe out your tank with 2 attacks (ants and spiders do enormous damage to tanks). But it's a pain while there's still a lot of FVs as you won't be able to snipe them and they will come whenever you shoot down transports, and they can make your life miserable once all NPCs are dead. You can also try to shoot FVs with railgun while not rebuilding ZEXRs, which has greater priority. NPCs are dumb and throw themselves in front of ZEXRs. FVs are the AR biggest issue if he doesn't have a web gun (Caesar Wire ZD or Skytrap Wire 16W) which are the best weapons to deal with FVs except guided ones. Never stay in the same place for long FVs love that.

Also sniping the mech lasers with the railgun isn't easy from far. But hopefully with 2 tanks (75 shots) you'll be able to. And more tanks can be farmed with the FVs the mech spawns.


There's other possible strategies (like killing the fortress first and using it as shield for next waves in multiplayer), but in all you must do things one at a time and to me this is the easiest way. Have notion of what easiest means, this is the worse one.

There's a huge increase in difficulty between hardest and inferno in this one, inferno gold ants are a royal PITA in this mission. FVs are a lot more dangerous.


As advance hint for next sure bottleneck, in 88 for Ranger, Lysander and Reverse Shooter-X, and WD, Mirage 15WR and Idunn-FF or Thunder Bow 30 (XD is usually a bad idea, more 5% energy cost for a miserable improvement in damage). Ranger will handle everything big, WD small. WD should be far from mess, in safe place using Mirage, and returning to help with big stuff when small ones are wiped out. Move away from shields in 2nd phase. Back where you start is the best place all along.


Hope this helps.


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Finally cleared mission 87 it on hardest with all characters. Ended up just doing it with the Ranger basically solo while having the other characters just idle.


I had to take a different strategy, basically hung out on the 'left' safezone first, took out left golden ant transport right away, killed oncoming waves, dealt with air dudes as long as I could, and then just picked off remaining transports one at a time, strategically and dealt with waves as they came. It was very very very hard, but I did it.


May have to incorporate more of what you said for inferno though with spiders upgrading and purple ants, but I'm gonna attempt it soon and see. Ranger now has 28k health which helps a lot if I get overrun.


Looks like we're gonna clear hardest though with everyone, I'll be in touch with Inferno as need be for help from you.


Thanks again!


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Almost a year and 300 hours into this game, my brother and I cleared Inferno with the Ranger and Wing Diver.


You wish us well in our adventure with the Fencer and Air Raider. 


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