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Should I buy this game?


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Having just endured the massive grind of the first game, I'm wondering if this one is worth my time? Judging by rarity the platinum is much simpler, but how is the actual game? I loved the first one, really enjoyed the open world of the US and liked the driving mechanics. First driving game I've actually enjoyed playing in a long time. Any comments or tips are appreciated :)


Also, how likely is it that they will add trophies with the upcoming seasons stuff? The first game had no extra trophies despite having two fairly large expansions and this one hasn't had any yet so it seems unlikely no? 

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I wasn't expecting much after the first game boring the hell out of me with the grind! The Crew 2 was a pleasant surprise, I picked it up cheap and wasn't expecting much but I ended up absolutely loving it! I got the platinum last week but I'm still playing it for the weekly challenges and having a blast ?

As for DLC trophies, I wouldn't expect to see any. New disciplines have been added to the game over the past 2 years, and these didn't come with any so I'd be surprised if the upcoming update does bring new trophies.


If you do get it, enjoy!

And one tip - don't scrap epic parts!

I had a pointless grind at the end of the game because I scrapped all my epic parts once I unlocked legendary parts, but these don't count for the trophy to equip all epics ?


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I never played the first game but recently bought this and I am playing it now and having a blast. 



12 minutes ago, CreamyPotato349 said:

yes, its fun and you will get platinum just by playing. most are story related and one trophy needs you to buy the most expensive car and drive it for 2km in one sit (no pausing though), hope you enjoy the game when/if you decide to buy it.

Not necessarily. You can test drive it and get the trophy, that is what I did.

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10 hours ago, thefourfoldroot said:

It’s on PS Now I believe so just get a year of that for around the same price. You’ll then have a couple of hundred additional games to download too, plus a few hundred more to stream if your connection’s decent. Much better value.


I believe Crew 2 comes off PS Now in July.

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