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Former Glory Trophy Bugged


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7 hours ago, Webstrika said:

I just finished all of the character iconic missions and the trophy is yet to appear, does anybody have a solution for this is there another step i have to take once all the iconic mission assignments for the character are no longer there in my assignments list?

It's not the character specific missions that give the trophy, it's an actual iconic avengers mission line that does.  It pops up in part 6 or 7 of the Inhumans faction quest line. 


Make sure you back up your save before doing the iconic avengers quest though because there have been reports that the trophy didn't pop for some.

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On 9/14/2020 at 3:14 PM, Sanador62 said:

I think it pops when you have the quest to complete the iconic missions in the Avengers Initiative mission line.

It popped for me even though I did the iconic missions earlier, during and right after the campaign.  I have a feeling a lot of these trophy issues are because of playing with other people online.  I have yet to matchmake and everything has popped more or less where it should've. 

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The "Iconic Avengers" mission chain is split between the 6 base game heroes, with one part per character. For each character, you must complete a related mission as well as complete some tasks such as using their abilities, collecting resources, defeating enemies, and such. Each "Iconic Avengers" strand becomes available as you recruit each hero in the story. By the end of the story, you should have all mission chins unlocked. However, you must progress the "Reigning Supreme" mission chain all the way up to step 7 in order to actually unlock the "Iconic Avengers" line. You can still complete each character's chain beforehand, but the trophy will not unlock until you have reached step 7 for "Reigning Supreme" as that is when the actual mission chain unlocks.

Completing the "Iconic Avengers" mission chain is necessary for advancing the "Reigning Supreme" mission chain, whose last step is the elite heroic hive you need to beat in order to earn Silver Truly Elite. Written by - DICE_plz



also the 6 heros are iron man, black widow, cap am, ms marvel, thor and hulk NOT halkeye or the girl bow person. ;)

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