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When are the servers shutting down?


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We boosted the online back in 2018. They announced the shut down in 2016 and was working. I heard the situation is still the same. Even in the menu it says that they are closed but it is working. 

The online of this game is quick and easy but for 2-3 trophies you need 8 people. 

I will give you an advice, if you have online trophies on this game and any other of PS3... HURRY UP! God knows what is gonna happen once PS5 is out on the market. Probably they will close all PS3 online games. Nothing official has been announced regarding this issue. But many games closed already, some of them have an announcement, and this can happen to the rest.

This is the reason why last year I dedicated a lot of time to finish all my online PS3 achievements I did not start any other. And some games I moved to choose to play in PS4, like AC IV BF, that has online trophies, and others like in its PS4 has no online. For example, AC Brotherhood, Revelations, 3, etc.

This one has no port or what so ever in PS4. And it is an AMAZING game. 

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I already done the online trophies years ago and after doing the DLC stuff (done the Initiation DLC legitimately, what a grind) just a while ago, so I thought to check to see if the online servers are still up. Looks like the servers have finally shut down for good on the console versions of the game, can't connect to the multiplayer at all. So if you haven't got the online trophies up to this point, looks like any chances of getting them now are completely closed forever.

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On 12/15/2020 at 0:30 AM, hunteriscoolio said:

I wouldn't lose hope like that, people were getting trophies yesterday, just seems like the servers go up and down so can't be too sure but currently it's down.

Odd, looks like the servers are pretty jumpy then. Either way like others have pointed out, it might be best to get the trophies as soon as possible before it is certain the servers are completely down. And yeah looks like the game is peer to peer on consoles but I wouldn't be too relieved about that honestly.

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14 hours ago, AJ_Radio said:

There was supposed to be a server closure back in late 2016, but they lied about that. Not going to be playing this, as no PS3 game is safe from server closure anymore and some trophies require multiple people.

They turned off the WB Account System and the dedicated servers but left the P2P connections up and running so some servers did close for this game, just not all of them.

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