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How are the Climax Battles compared to other Yakuza games?


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In order to do climax battle in Kiwami 2 i suggest you to do first Kamiyama substories in order to unlock his shop.

Grind money are easy with the cabaret minigame.It is the same as Majima in Zero.After that buy weapon on Sotenbori Pawn shop and sell it to Kamiyama.After a certain amount you unlock some good unbreacable weapon that are really good.Idr correctly each one but some weapon are avaible only after you beat the game.

The "climax battle" (sorry i don't remember the correct name)are avaible in Debolah.If i am not wrong there is a substories related in order to open it.

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Kiwami 2 doesn't have Climax Battles. Probably the only thing close to that is the Bouncer Missions but those can be made easier if you upgrade Kamiyama's shop and grind money from the Cabaret game like mentioned above. You can get I think 10 million each session when you have all the girls maxed out. But when you have enough money buy the Photon Blades, Poison Knife, and get the best armor you can. I forget what the best set is but one of them is getting a Dragon God Amulet or maybe it was Eye of the Dragon.


The other mini-games apart from Mahjong are pretty easy compared to the previous two games. To me it felt like Mahjong was a lot worse in this one because it really felt like the AI did everything to make sure I did not win by giving me bad tiles. Haruka's requests are more or less the same as they were in Kiwami but they are easier. You do have to sing Otometal My Life again but I found it easier this time.


Only other mini-game is Majima Construction which can be fun but it gets repetitive after a while. Just make sure you have characters that can boost damage and give defense while also having ones that can heal others and repair your structures.

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12 hours ago, Wagszilla said:

When it comes to the Bouncer trophy, do you have to complete ALL of the stages (normal, hard, legend) or just each on Normal?


I can't seem to find an answer to slake my curiosity. 

All of them. Missions can be completed quickly though, have a good set of armors, and Proton Blade RG. Also, make sure to activate Extreme Heat Mode when you're in a boss stage, since you won't get stunned from the enemy attacks (even from Sango's missile launcher) you can constantly perform attacks, even on Amon missions.

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I’m not having trouble except the final Amon ones. I had the wood armor or whatever. I’ll use weapons this time and it shouldn’t be any trouble. At least hopefully not.


Edit: Done. Easy as hell with the lightsaber. 

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