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Member Interviews: maiathewinners


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Great read, I especially liked this part:


I'm my opinion there should be 2 forum posts one for praising the game and trophy list and another to give your critics and opinions.


It seems some members here are too fragile to handle conflicting points of view. You might have cracked the code.

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Thank you very much for answering my dubious and silly questions, @maiathewinners! Absolutely interesting interview; I was keeping an eye on the results and I feel satisfied. I asked about Cristiano by one reason: I enjoy soccer as a very casual watcher when the Champions League is on, and precisely the most intriguing thing to me was the PS and soccer both in Europe. When I tune some match, it amazed me that only PS4 (there are PS5 marketing already) display on the play yards and are very aggressive in my opinion. I remember that since PS2 era, hence my questions. 


And now, with WII: TNC, well... I have it in my backlog as it came in a package with Doom 2016, and happens I'm a completitionist. Therefore, you should imagine the struggle that this can cause me. But since I'm subscribed to a challenge where you stick to games of your choice, I have little room to play other games or sidetrack from the ones I've already minded to play ahead. But seeing my favorite trophy hunter do it in speed run record boosted my interest to give my best and get that mythical 100% for the game. I like your approach, as I think I'll do that too: enjoy the game first and then hit it with all you have, with chapter select and so on. The thing to place a trophy in the cabinet and as a milestone has made me to rethink it, and probably it can be my 50th platinum or may be the 100th! I don't know, many things can happen, but playing it is a must. Also, been playing other FPS with certain trophies that have personally devastated me. I never imagined what I had gotten into until I played them, which are actually the 2 games that I finished (trophy wise) recently. And I don't know, starting with the mythical Mein Leben would basically be suicide, LMAO. I've to try other "impossible" games before that, like Crash N. Sane TrilogyHollow Knight and Cuphead (well, the latter could be impossible, but since people are getting the Plat so quick I doubted, even it took me almost 3 years to finish it on PC, smh). 


Appreciate your time to even wonder about this humble lad and hope you enjoy your hunting! 10 games aren't that bad. I highly recommend you to check out that challenge; check it out and if convince you, I'll see you in the threads. Cheers for you and good vibes! :D 

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