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Major Toht gone forever???

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45 minutes ago, FridgeMouth said:

so.... not even sure if game is still alive in any sense but found it on PS Now and lego games are always a good laugh.


97.5% on raiders hub, to find Major Toht could be a game breaking bug as I have no torch at the top of the stairs to light the campfire. 


Pls tell me there's a fix 1f62d.png

I find this IMPORTANT BUG WARNING: If you take the torch from the holder at the top of the stairs and then exit the level (either by quitting the game or entering a story or treasure level), the torch may disappear forever, preventing you from unlocking Major Toht. To avoid this glitch, just be sure not to grab the torch until you've built the campfire and are ready to light it. As far as I know, there is no fix for this issue except to restart the game.

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.Yeah, that's a bug that doesn't get enough attention in guides.

If you've got a backup save, depending on when you messed with the torches, it would be your best bet to avoid another full playthrough.

Always keep backups when dealing in LEGO games.

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