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Completing a Prestige Raid?


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Hey everyone, It's been a hot minute since I've played destiny 2. I bought the game with the first 2 dlcs or whatever and haven't gotten another one since. I really want to try to get the platinum before the stuff becomes harder. How bad is it to get the raid trophy done now? Thats the toughest one I am missing. Thank you.

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9 minutes ago, KingGuy420 said:

Depends on a few things I guess, like power level, your gear, and who the other 5 people are. But it's a pretty old raid now so it shouldn't be too bad.

That's kinda what I was wondering, I didn't know if its like easier to do now or anything like that. Getting any of the dlc's worth it?

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Gear and specific weapons can matter if you're trying to quickly kill bosses like Calus or Riven (doing Riven legitimately is pretty hard and requires super great teamwork). Prestige Leviathan can be a fairly annoying raid, mainly due to the puzzle-heavy nature of the raid and the fact that you can't carry checkpoints over reset due to how the encounter order changes. Additionally, Prestige Calus might be the glitchiest boss encounter I've ever done. There's a very likely chance you'll accidentally kill two psions when teleporting to the void room, you have to be very attentive to regular psion spawns in the void room so you don't get instantly thrown off the map, and the final encounter itself requires a lot of patience and on-the-fly call-outs of symbols and positions for other teammates. It's definitely hard, but not impossible with a healthy amount of practice and patient fireteam members. It took me and my group a good two weeks to fully understand the last boss encounter, and it came down to a really lucky damage phase with a player using Divinity but in the end we got it done. Last Wish (Forsaken DLC) on the other hand, is incredibly enjoyable and should be managable without specialized gear (for the most part). I'm not sure if the sword cheese still works for Riven but if it does it completely trivializes the last encounter. You can often find people on LFG with the "Queenswalk" checkpoint, which is the final relay race section of the raid. If you don't want to bother learning the beginning of the raid and just want the raid clear, I would suggest looking up sword cheese videos and Queenswalk guides. Otherwise, you can do it legit. It's a long raid but almost all the encounters are challenging in a fun way. 


tl;dr you're in for some annoying shit with Prestige Lev, Forsaken is highly worth it for story content and raid

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On 9/20/2020 at 0:47 PM, False_Gix said:

As someone also returning to destiny 2 to finish the plat, I am wondering if it would be easier to do a nightfall prestige instead of leviathon prestige?



As posted above, they changed the description to only the Leviathan Prestige counting towards the trophy. Which is BS because it is almost impossible now. If they still allowed Nightfall Prestige to count, I would've gotten the plat years ago. They are SO much easier

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