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Red Dead Redemption online


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If the trophies pop out of order or too fast, you will probably get flagged.  Even though you were playing legitimately, the CRT doesn't know that.


Same problem with GTAV and some other games.  Enter at your own risk.


How I minimized the risk was by joining the PSNP boosting sessions with well known players.

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I'm not going to do it, the player population as @HuntingFever said, isn't what it once was, and I don't have much time or patience to boost, cause my day to day is always unpredictable and I don't like to jilt ppl. In my profile RDR will remain unfinished. My girlfriend start the story mode in my profile by accident and I said to her to keep playing in my acc bc she already played like 5-6h so just story mode trophies of that game.


ANYWAY, I encourage you to do it, it's a brilliant game and if you get that plat... do it for me too (way of talkin')




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