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Interactive Map for AC Brotherhood (includes feathers, borgia flags, etc.)


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8 minutes ago, Zenpai said:

Well, this would have come in real handy to me 5 years ago 1f605.png But good for those that still haven't played the game, I guess.

I've got the entire series in my backlog still, been meaning to knock out all the online trophies for the ps3 games soon though

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I'd like to note that with this map, you can only mark 100 things as found at one time in the free version, but that the price for the upgrade to pro is so minuscule that it's hardly even worth mentioning. For a one-time payment of $4.99 USD, you can mark off and track as many items as you want. I've already paid it for the AC II and the AC B maps and I'll be doing the same for all of the other AC titles.

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