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How hard is this game?


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Its grindy, you have to repeat chapters to get certain trophies and something that will actually help you with HARD but can only get it playing 2 chapters in HARD without it, hard mode is terribly hard for me personally - I didn't think it was necessary to even have one and its both RAM and HDD hungry since it takes up 90GB of space and 235 MB of save data space on your system.  


I got bored trying to get the Platinum, honestly but, you may be okay with it.

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On 9/17/2020 at 2:46 PM, wackt1 said:

In terms of gameplay and bosses, the hard mode, and collectables; how hard is it to get the platinum for this game?


The gameplay and bosses, if you played the demo then you can see how that is, but personally, I don't think that I've played a game where the boss fights were more fun than this was.  Switching back and forth between characters, building up a boss's stagger, holding back limit breaks, keeping your team's health up... in my opinion, it was a blast.  The collectibles, what there is which is just 30 music cds scattered in the game, that part's not too hard at all; at the end of my first playthrough with nothing to help me along I had maybe all but 3 or so, and that progress carries over to the hard mode playthrough if I remember correctly.  And as far as hard mode goes, if you have experience plaything through games on higher difficulty settings, it's really not too bad.  You'll know how best to play the game by the time you're playing it, and I can really only think of two boss fights where it's more than just "fairly challenging":  The end against Sephiroth, which is appropriate, and the Hell House, which might make you want to pull your hair out for an hour or two (or maybe not, maybe you'll be fine).  Other than that, the difficulty is pretty doable.  There's also a summon boss gauntlet that you'll have to run, but it's really not too bad, and is less challenging than the other two on hard mode.

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Wrong setups: 10/10 difficulty.


Butter setups: 5/10 difficulty.


This game is like the original...and its definitely not like the original all at the same time. What makes them very similar is that you have to spend time figuring out what everything does. Honestly...the platinum difficulty is really up to you. You can make it easy by spending some time in the game or...you can make it the hardest thing you've ever done in gaming. The time spent understanding things = a much smoother and rewarding experience.

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