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Best trophy art


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@yukonv First off, thank you for this thread! It is a welcome change of pace from the usual!

Back on topic, I have always enjoyed the artwork of the trophy images for Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age. An unusual yet beautiful style to be sure. I know it's a matter of debate but I like having Penelo as the Platinum image as one of my favorite video game quotes comes from her. (Sadly I don't remember it word for word anymore. It's the one about perseverance and hope.)

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One of the best I've seen is London Detective Mysteria.  The reason for this is because it's actually quite devious what they did.  The trophies are all one long image, but they also cropped them in such a way that each stands alone nicely as well so you don't get the random crotch shots like some lists that do this and the trophies look great in your log no matter what order you get them in.


It's actually pretty nifty and people should go take a peek: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8490-london-detective-mysteria


Favorite plat image goes to Miden Tower though.  It's just the title image for the game, but I liked the art for it because it was really cute.  The list itself looks great, but the plat really stood out to me.  Other lists I liked were Monster Viator, Cosmic Star Heroine, Persona 5, Akash: Path of the Five, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, Ys Origin, Ni no Kuni, Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters, Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny and Persona 4 Golden.

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4 hours ago, Spaz said:

First game that pops to mind is Assassins Creed II.


It looks like they took actual screenshots from the game, reduced the file size and made them into an avatar. All the other games in the franchise use symbols and drawings, this game has actual pictures as thumbnails.


Yep, that was the first one that came to mind too.

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