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Best way to go about platinuming this game?


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I revisited the game back in May/June however one of the scavenging locations bugged out, therefore making trophies requiring multiple steps to be unobtainable. I just now heard about the server shutdown coming and was wondering if someone who’s platinumed the game could give tips about bugs and things to look out for. Currently I’m wondering if my save from before my game bugged is truly “bug free”.

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22 minutes ago, Varhur said:

Only locations can glitch or any other challenge as well?


There are other known glitches, for example:




This game is a minefield. Considering the servers are going down in ~6 weeks, I would avoid it unless you're a huge fan or something.

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I had an insignia or something glitch on me years ago when I played so I started fresh


im just letting my game accumulate scrap for scrap crew right now and once the online stuff is done I’m keeping a save of that on a separate save so I can go back to that if I run into any glitches 

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