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Some video's that might help :)


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Some video's that might help show you how to pass some events/tracks!

A full story mode playthrough on *Xtra Crispy* (hard difficulty), getting gold in all events to also get the 100% a playthrough trophy. Using Edward and his Terra Dart car:


Viv's story mode is the toughest of the story mode's to complete, and you have to get GOLD to pass 3 time trial events which can certainly be pretty tricky and take a lot of time to master, so here's examples of how to do it which may save you some time. You can see I have a few little bumps though so fortunately you don't need an utterly perfect lap.

Viv Lakeside Loop Gold Time Trial:

Viv City Skylink Gold Time Trial:

Viv Snow Mountain Sprint Gold Time Trial (the toughest one!) :



You will be fine completing the rest of Viv's story mode as you can pass the other events with bronze, and you can even fail the races and duels and still pass! Have fun and good luck! :)

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