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Platinum Pursuit Questions


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I have decided to go back and try to finish this platinum off before the remake lands.  (Luckily I got the Pure Bladestone trophy many years ago, so I don't have to endure that particular grind!)


Is Magic still absolutely OP as I remember it? 


Are there any other builds to consider that make it easier to rush through the 3 runs of the game?


Any other tips or tricks that the guide doesn't convey?


Thanks in advance!

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Royalty is the best starting class, yeah.

Augmenting your hp from the getgo will make your life much much easier.

Builds are kimd of limited, faith doesn't have the spears, and strenght weapons are "nerfed" by a lack of poise.

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Meat Cleaver is pretty easy to obtain and make a build for early on that lasts the entire game (use adjudicator boss soul of 4-1), 2 hand it so you can wield it with less str requirement.


Also go for Knight class, feels way easier than Royalty IMO better stats and armor.

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