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IF upgrades/remasters get another trophy list, which games would you platinum all over again?


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I would love to attempt Metal Gear Solid 2 (my fav game of all time) again. I don't know how I managed to plat that hard a$$ game when I was younger. 

Mgs1 never got added to the MGS HD collection, would be cool if they made a remastered version with trophies on it, but I highly doubt that would happen. 

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I started a this account for trophy hunting about two years ago and have platinumed some games twice already because of that. I do find many games are not nearly as good when you go through them again. For example, I really enjoyed the Uncharted series the first time through, but sick of them now. Having a hard time wanting to do finish Lost Legacy, finishing the speed run in UC2, and definitely not doing brutal difficulty this time. 


For most games I've done twice, maybe the campaign stuff is fun again but the other BS that's usually involved with getting a platinum is grating. With that said, I'd totally do some games even a third time. Bloodborne, for sure. I would do God of War and Spider-Man again. Maybe a few indies too but I doubt something like Darkest Dungeon will get a new list. 

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I’ve got too many unstarted games in my backlog to repurchase and replay anything again on ps5. I haven’t done it for Ps3/ps4 so I can’t imagine doing it next gen.


If they remade anything that never had trophies however eg resistance:fom, I’d be all over that 

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I would replay depending on the game and if I'd like to go through select trophies again. I miss a lot of the titles I play after I've unlcoked the platinum however I'm already given the option to revisit various games I played on my previous account to this user, therefore I should focus more on the stuff I haven't played yet.

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