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PlayStation 5 Disc Version size

Infected Elite

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Good God, is this the worst looking Playstation ever.


I think I'm purposefully going to wait until the slim revision just so I can get something a little bit more attractive to put in my cabinet. Not like I don't have a fuckton of games to play in the meantime.

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Sony already gave us the dimensions: 

390mm x 104mm x 260mm (width x height x depth when horizontal, not including base stand)


or 15.354 inches x 4.094 x 10.236


so, 15.5 inches with stand when vertical. Time to rearrange some shelves...

I must say, the lighting in these pictures is terrible, it looks so much worse than the promo shots. It’ll look better with the lights on I think. Not that I care about looks.

3 hours ago, melodicmizery said:dunno if this is real it was released a week or 2 ago 


I saw this months ago. I’m thinking it actually looks quite good “face on” like this and I may orient are it this way depending on what I can do with the cables.

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5 hours ago, melodicmizery said:


if you search on google "ps5 size compared to ps4" a few images come up. was browsing it earlier. im sure they bulked it up so they could release slim versions later like usual 

also dunno if this is real it was released a week or 2 ago 


This is old.

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There’s a lot of hardware to effectively cool in this generation. With that comes size. But a larger cooling solution has the possibility of being much quieter. All trade-offs, but most would agree are worth it. 

The way AMD has been with their improvements lately, I don’t doubt the slim

version in a couple years will be able to knock a couple inches off each dimension and get closer to the size of a PS3. 

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I'm fine with the PS5 being huge so long as it's quiet. The PS4's fan noise got pretty ridiculous at times - it was actually pretty distracting.

Going off the first picture, it looks like it might be a bit awkward inserting discs into this thing thanks to the curvature of the console. Hope I'm wrong.

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