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If I start a new game will I lose the chance to get collectibles through chapter select?


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I finished my first blind playthrough, everyone survived (but Alice and Kara didn't get to Canada) and now I will have to make other decisions in order to get all the other trophies, 


The question is: I know some collectibles are only achiavable with the decisions I made, and others are only obtainable with the optionss I didn't choose, so my question is, if I start a violent playthrough, will I miss the chance to get collectibles that are only available on pacific runs or I will be able to get them anyway because on my first playthrough I unlocked those paths?



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If you start a new game from scratch, you will lose everything and the timeline will be wiped clean. If you want to mop up any trophies you don't have, use Chapter select instead so nothing will be lost. There are a lot of mutually exclusive collectibles in this game that are only available after making very specific decisions early on so yes, a Violent playthrough will lock you out of any that are only available by being peaceful. My advice is to find a Guide and follow it to the letter so you don't miss anything and will avoid having to do any unnecessary additional playthroughs.

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If you are going for the platinum trophy, this guide is the best one to follow: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/detroit-become-human/327103-detroit-become-human-platinum-walkthrough.html


You should use chapter select and click the save option, don't start a new game. Yes you will miss some collectables as there are a few magazines that differ depending on your choices, like whether Marcus leads a revolution or demonstration, if Kara stays in the broken car or motel etc. Powerpyx has a list of them 

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Hi @Lezonidas!

I Plat my Game on 25 August and i Recomend First you do a Game with the Only Save you have but never begin a new Game next, if you begin a new Game you loose all your Progress, when i finish my First Time i keep saving and not saving on Chapter Select for Some Trophies but for all Collectives i recomend save when they Say to Save but use only Chapter select for the rest of Trophies, Choices and Collectives and some Times you Have to save Game because its alot Important! ;)

Some Collectives are a Pain but i Hope you can get all of them! ;)

Good Luck and i Hope see your Plat soon! :D:D:D

P.S: Congrats for All your Plat's and Keep the Excelent Work Man! ;););)

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