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GTA 100%


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Yes, but it won’t be easy because of the online trophies. You have to play and win every game mode, and I don’t know what the community is like these days, so you might have to create sessions for those. Hopefully you don’t need more than two people to start each game mode, but I have a feeling you might. If you could get those out of the way, then you could find a partner to boost to the races, and play NOOSE co-op to rank up and earn money, it will be a huge grind but it’s doable.

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Yeah, most of the modes are doable in 2 players. I strongly advice to find another dedicated partner for Flying the coop trophy. I did this with 2 friends (each one separate) and it required lot of time, effort and dedication. But we really enjoyed the feeling at the end ? Fingers crossed, its doable

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1 minute ago, Delta-OscarMike said:

Oh OK lovely I was told you couldn't get it due to a bounty being removed or something 

That's GTA V PS3...


Everything is obtainable in GTA IV, for AWP i'd suggest you (or a friend) turbo boost a second console and do all the races in one sitting. Good luck

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