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let's talk about elena!

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my last two passengers are Buck and Elena.

I am working towards the trophy "The happy dance".


My problem is Elena.

I heard that she got along well with Gustav, but he's not on my ship anymore.

I also upgraded her cabin for the trophy.


Can I somehow get to full estatic at this point?


thank you


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Important note re: Elena. The Thunder Lotus Games support page ( says that they're planning to address the issue regarding how it's currently impossible to get her to Ecstatic status when you don't have access to Atul and Gustav's musical mood buffs.

However, I was in contact with one of their support reps yesterday, and according to them, the patch might take at least a month to finalise. This because the patch will have new text/dialogue, which needs to go through the localisation process, something that will slow down the release. Which is disappointing, but at least they're doing something about it.


Found that on trueachievments..
Do not worry i fucked that up aswell lol

that is the link to the official statement

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Hi b-ernii,


at least I'm not the only one. 😁

Unfortunately, the link doesn't say when he posted it.

Because there was already an update.


In any case, yesterday I tried 3 hours with her favorite food (green salad) and a simple dish (cheese) to create an ecstastic mood.

I am always so close but then she loses most of it after sleeping.


Aaaaaaah 😁


Thanks for reply






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Patch Notes 10/07 (PS4 – version 1.03/4):



  • Added Korean localization
  • Added Japanese localization
  • Removed requirement to hold jump button to go high when bouncing
  • Elena now receives a mood buff whenever you complete one of her challenges. These can be replayed repeatedly to bring her mood to Ecstatic.



  • Fixed texts overlapping in the Controls menu
  • Fixed an issue causing infinite loading screens
  • Fixed smelting shoe experiment sometimes breaking the game
  • Added a failsafe quest to prevent a rare blocker during Alice’s final quests
  • Fixed minor bugs in various Alice scenes
  • Improved Cyrillic font legibility
  • Fixed Lynx not giving smelted Ore
  • Fixed rain not working when loading an island with rain from the start menu
  • Fixed sawmill log counter not resetting to zero when you cancel interaction
  • Fixed player falling through wall after a cat hug or mushroom interaction in cabin
  • Removed cat hug zoom in when inside a building
  • Fixed sheep visuals overlapping/flashing when multiple sheep are brought back to the island
  • Fixed cat disappearing behind boat after Fast Travel
  • Stopped Alex the Seal’s music from playing after Fast Travel
  • Fixed some visual problems with denizen/spirit reveal sequences
  • Removed unused audio from Stella and Walrus animations
  • Fixed spirits sometimes teleporting during eat animation
  • Fixed an issue preventing building on top of Astrid’s house
  • Fixed Privacy policy box not resizing to fit the text
  • Privacy policy now only displays in user language
  • Fixed a bug where Giovanni’s action would stall during the Indiscreet Meeting quest
  • Various minor bug fixes and optimizations

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