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Maneater (Next-gen upgrade)


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How do I access the ps5 list? Upon installing the game and checking my trophies it still only shows ps4 version. No new list shows up. I have the digital version.


Edit: Nevermind, you have to make sure to download the ps5 version on the side tab and not the ps4 version. 

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Just got the plat and I have to say, I expected way more. Ignoring the fact that the game crashed 3 times and I had to restart it twice because cutscenes didn’t want to load, the gameplay is terrible. 

From the first moment it’s just spamming R2. I was expecting at least some original/creative missions and side activities. Only good thing is the evolution system with it’s multiple parts but that’s it. 

It’s a mobile game in disguise. 

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22 hours ago, MatThaRiPP3R84 said:

how does the game run on PS5 nice and smooth 60 fps or bad optimisation problems?


seems like a bit of afternoon fun for a day or two.


I never played it on PS4 so I don't have that to compare it to but really a pretty smooth frame rate overall.  I platinumed it and only noticed drops maybe 3 times.

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