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.Combo power up collected


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19 hours ago, skoobs80 said:

Thanks for the advice. Just unlocked that trophy. Any suggestions on what character to use or how to get the invincible player trophy ? 

As the powerups in this game are simply random, however appearing always from the same blocks, any level will do. Just grab the "golden pad" upgrade, and then while it being active get hit by boss attack/missile -> trophy.


Try I.E. CHIYO and left or right "golden muffin".

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23 hours ago, trixter123 said:

.take the yuri stage then you get the gun powerup at first prize then just happer all the other prices and collect the trophy


may take a few tries

There is no character like YuRi. There is YUKI - bottom right corner of the 1st screen :/

And YES, the left and right most "powerup block" will always give you "laser", but then it is still a lot of RNG involved before you will get 5 different powerups.

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On 9/26/2020 at 5:05 PM, knoef_NL said:


The trophy is currently bugged. It requires 5 power-ups instead of 3.
The na version should be patched, EU will follow in a couple of days


Do you have confirmation that the patch will be done in a couple of days? This is the only trophy I need for the plat. ?


Edit: NEVERMIND! Just got the trophy. Just ignore me. >_<

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Read what I wrote. ^
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