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none shall hide trophy glitch

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in the game i have this trophy unlocked, but it didnt unlock on my ps3 or the network. im not sure why. i guess i can delete my game save and try to get it. hopefully this doesnt ruin the platinum

alright edit i seem to of fixed it, inside the game there is a trophy list. it was checked off but never popped on psn. (i was using digital)
i went on my spare ps3 which had no save data on it and put the disc version in and looked at the in game trophy list, all the trophies i had were checked. but this time "non shall hide" wasnt checkmarked. so i played the first level and shot through a piece of tree to kill a enemy and it popped immediately. so now im going to go back on my main save and finish the difficulty trophies and see if the platinum hopefully pops. seems like the in game trophy list pulls from psn. for some reason that one trophy either didnt pop on psn or didnt sync from the game i dont know. also another weird thing is i popped the trophy at 12:12am, but it says i popped it on my psn at 11:12pm. i dont think today is daylight savings

alright double edit, just loaded a old save on my 3rd spare ps3 to see if all my trophies would load in in the in game trophy list and they only loaded what was on that save. which totally contradicts the 2nd paragraph. this shit makes no sense at all. so i shu the game off and restarted it and all the trophies loaded that i earned this time. smh lol

triple edit, now the time stamp on my main ps3 says 12:12am, and the other ps3 says 11:12. i dont understand this at all

4th edit, just wanted to say after all the crap above my platinum popped when i finished everything else and didnt glitch out

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