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"Just Another Day" : Do you need to start a new game?


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Hi! So i've finished the game and all challenges, now all I need are the two trophies related to the first and second day.


My question is: can I play all 14 first levels in order from the chapter select and get the trophy, or do I have to start a new game from scratch?



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Here's their reply straight from twitter


"You can play the levels in any order, if you die all levels resets and you need to finish all the levels again, without dying. If that makes sense."


So for me, I died at 2-4 doing a no death run. Restarted that level, and played all the way to the end of level 2 with no deaths. Went back started from level 1-1. Reach and finished level 2-3 and trophy popped. This is after I finished the game and have upgraded all weapons. So you can continue, no need for new game.


This needs to be done in one session. You can't back out and upload save file or download save file from a good run. It doesn't work since I tried that. 

Also they fixed that if you died, then exit out with PS button before pressing restart, it still counts as a death. Tried that also.

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