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DLC Packs that you can earn the trophies in for free!


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Sure this game is old, however I feel like it is necessary to mention this about the game as I have not seen another thread regarding this. I am going to mention that to 100% the trophies for Payday 2: Crimewave Edition you may not need to purchase all of the DLC for this game yourself, only 1 person in your group must purchase the DLC and they must host the lobbies that you play in. As long as the host owns the DLC, they will be able to invite you to play any DLC heist and if you fulfill the requirements for the DLC trophy with them, you will also earn the trophy without needing to buy the DLC pack that the trophy belongs to. This allows you to save money by either asking someone who already purchased the DLC to host various trophies for you, or it allows you to split the price of DLC packs with your group members and give that money to whoever you would like to host the heists, instead of all of you needing to buy those packs.


Below is a list of DLC packs in which every single trophy in that pack can be earned without paying any money for the DLC:


  1. Infamy 2.0
  2. The Point Break Heist
  3. The Alesso Heist
  4. The Golden Grin Casino Heist
  5. The Goat Simulator Heist
  6. Wolf Pack
  7. Hardcore Henry Heist Pack
  8. Biker Heist
  9. Seasonal Pack
  10. John Wick Heist Pack
  11. Classic Pack


That list is significant because there are 17 packs and 11 of them can be done without yourself needing to purchase any of them, as long as the host helps you with each trophy. Infamy 2.0 is simply 2 trophies for leveling up to infamy 10 and 25 so not a traditional DLC pack. The reason you will need to buy the 6 DLC packs not listed above is because they include weapons that have a trophy tied to them and the weapon included in that pack requires you to purchase the DLC pack to use it.


If by any chance this information is no-longer relevant to the current patch I shall request a moderator to delete this thread, back when I played this game 3 years ago it was possible to earn all the trophies in those packs without buying the pack yourself and simply having another person host for you.

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