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Earning trophies from 2 PS4s simultaneously


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Because I want to do some Away From Keyboard grinding on a PS4.

At the same time, I play another PS4 to earn trophies.

So I have this question.


I know that I cannot have both PS4s logged in the SAME ACCOUNT online at the same time.

How about getting both of them disconnect from internet?

Can I still login with the SAME ACCOUNT on both PS4s?

Can I earn trophies from 2 PS4s simultaneously using this method?

Will I get flagged if I earn trophies by doing this?

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You can have 1 PS4 connected to the internet while the other disconnected and play on both at the same time.

Use the PS4 in which it is as primary account to play offline while the the PS4 in which the account is not primary will be connected to internet.

As for trophies popping at same time, I'm unsure about that. 

I AFK fish sometimes in tera (earned all trophies) or other AFK grinding in secondary account PS4 online, meanwhile, I play offline in my primary account PS4.

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IIRC well, there was one user playing with two accounts (EDIT: sorry, I meant the same account in both consoles) at the same time for some trophies in the game Erica, so yeah, it's definitely possible as xil-Siva-lix has pointed out. Then you can sync your consoles separately, and mix them both.


I don't see why that would get you flagged, if Sony allows you to do it. Is a way of self boosting after all, maybe reprehensible for some (that's not how it should be done, wait that's not correct, blah blah) but is one more method of many to play your games.

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I suppose you can tinker with this a bit. The ONLY reason I would have two PS4s running simultaneously is if I want to self boost some online trophies for a game. The console is still too expensive but I reckon it will take a sharp drop in price once the PS5 arrives.


I wouldn't bother with having the same account on two different PS4s.

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My earlier comment was for having same account logged in at 2 PS4 simultaneously, sorry if it wasn't clear/caused confusion.

It is possible to have 2 PS4s using same account and playing simultaneously, only restriction being only 1 can be online.

I have 2 PS4s, thus 1 is primary, the other secondary.

As an example, using a single PSN account,

My secondary PS4 is online and AFK fishing in Tera.

At the same time, my primary PS4 is offline and I'm playing some other game.


IIRC, your secondary PS4 needs to be online to play any digital games bought using that account. So I dedicated my primary PS4 to play offline and secondary PS4 to play online.

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