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Freeze Frame and 234 Sided Fantasy trophy not unlocking


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i had met the required for both trophies in the normal game mode but did not unlock so i tried in plus mode because it was needed for a trophy but none of those trophies popped 
I got 229 screen wraps and 158 screen lock at the end of the game but both trophies did not unlock, is there a way around, i did this in the plus game mode . Is this a known glitch?  
234 Sided Fantasy
Beat the game performing 234 screen wraps or less. Screen wraps of non-player objects don't count towards the amount
Freeze Frame
Beat the game with 169 screen locks or less. A screen lock is one instance of the camera being manually locked in place
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On 11/12/2020 at 0:04 AM, mehdija22 said:

If u trying with Save tricks or playing Offline,this two trophies wouldn't unlock.I beat Game twice (no internet connection and I tried with USB Save) neither trophy unlocked for me.

3th time I played normally and both trophies popped.

Yeah, I did a run without quitting the game at all, and it worked.

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