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DLC Trophies


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Here are some tips: 


- Breeding: pick the Commander that comes with the Hanging Gardens. In your first passenger rocket send only colonists with traits Sexy and Hippie, and put in tree decorations. You'll have a baby by Day 7 at the latest.


- Line up the rarest Mystery trophies with what you think will be the easiest playthroughs, even if you'll pop a Sponsor trophy on Day 20 and the Mystery is expected to go for 80 days, it's still better than messing up one or both goals and putting in even more time.


- Don't go for the base game and DLC trophies for USA in the same playthrough unless you're already very confident. It requires full research into two tech trees by Sol 100 which requires deep understanding of the game. Don't attempt USA until you're already a few playthroughs in.

Other than USA, do all other DLC trophies at the same time as the base game counterparts, except don't do The Watney Challenge while doing the DLC SpaceY trophy, even though Watney is best completed in a SpaceY playthrough.


- Maxing the Terraforming parameters is a grind. Do this with whatever the longest mystery is. 


- A 100% trophy guide on a competing guide site has a great tip about the trophy that involves enduring the toxic rains. The trophy is poorly worded. Also it gives good tips for the 500% difficulty trophies.


General tips: 

- Don't double-time your night shifters in any workplace, and don't double-time any workers that work outside of a dome.

- Barrel domes are great only as a first dome because they have a lot of internal space. The lack of a spire means its days of being a capital for your colony are numbered. Once you're at Day 75+ and the resources around it are dry, you can convert it to a retirement dome or child dome.

- The biggest domes aren't worth the money. Medium circle domes and medium triangle domes are the best. Pick three types of colonists to live there at most. Small domes should have 1 use. Mediums should have 2 uses/2 types of colonists maximum (not including medics, security or the untrained ones, they are in every dome).

- Build a dedicated "power dome" that only contains solar panels and the power spheres. They require SO much less maintenance inside there and the spheres can be opened up without concerns of dust.

- Pause the game as soon as you get access to the map. Plan out your whole first dome around your visible resources after dropping probes and where you plan to expand. Picking your research preferences will help with the free bonuses for finding water with your probes etc.

- Tunnels between domes have a maximum of 20 hex spaces. Get a feel for how long that is. The length ends up being a perfect maximum to spread out your domes to *just* be far away enough to reach metal and rare metal mines without excessive domes.

- The only good Commanders are: The one with a free rare metal deposit and deep scanning tech, the one with hanging gardens for breeding quickly and the one with a free water deposit. For a couple of specific trophies I remember picking the one with the shuttles once and then another one time I picked the Mayor. Other than that, ignore the rest.

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