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Clutchgod ''Kill A Hungry Box''


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1 hour ago, anxietycrossing said:

Essentially what you're looking for is a CPU cube that barks at you and chases you around. It looks like a normal cube but when you get close it will start attacking.


Any specific dungeon? 



Nevermind I just found one. It's a mimic box. Was in Styx and it kept hitting every box. Eventually one tried to attack me and I killed it. 

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Is there anything that blocks Hungry Boxes from spawning? I've been trying the last 2 hours non-stop, alternating between Joblin and Styxcoins, no mimics have spawned for me.

Tried removing mentors and endorsed skills, changing everything and I'm yet to see one.

Damn, almost done with this game and this damn RNG is blocking me off

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Randomly found one in the final dungeon



just now, didn't even notice it before I got the trophy because I was busy defeating enemies swarming me xD Since there's lots of boxes everywhere it might be a good place to look

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