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Battle Hardened III glitched

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I have completed every last piece of this game, every challenge except one, Battle Hardened III for some reason keeps showing "8/11" and that keeps me to having a platinum. It's quite annoying, the challenge is quite easy but I think it's glitched.

If someone can help with this, I'll thank you a lot, because I cannot see any way to fix that.

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1 hour ago, J_E_B_B said:

You’ve probably already tried this, but maybe you should do all the missions again on hardened and see what happens. Only other thing I can recommend is starting a new campaign and doing everything over again :/

I already did the campaign multiple times, but still nothing... Guess I'll have to retry it :/

Thanks for answering tho, if someone knows how to fix this, you are welcomed to help.

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